The Entrepreneur

Anand Sundararaju, who is heading this venture, began his entrepreneurial career at the age of 25. After completing Masters in Business Administration in 2003 from the U.K, he gained expertise over the next 3 years working in several Telecom companies in the U.K. His profile there was essentially to develop wholesale voice minutes services throughout London, U.K. Following this, due to keen interest in the field and to create and promote novel ideas, he decided to enter into his own entrepreneurial projects in Chennai, India - thus began the company ' Red Networks'.

Our Motto - Creativity and Innovation

Our emphasis on creativity at all levels and innovative implementation of concepts have helped promote sales thereby aiding in market penetration. These factors have made Red Networks a highly successful and promising entrepreneurial venture.

True to its spirit, the company offers an ownership stake to its key employees, and invests considerable time and financial resources to develop its workforce.

Red Networks trains its consulting and technical service professionals in several fundamental areas including application development. This enables them to work with clients to design, build and implement custom applications to effectively run their businesses. Red Networks substantial investment in human capital is what sets them apart.

Also, on our continuing sprit of growth, we are constantly broadening our size, scope and geographic reach to achieve our ideals.